Krungsri @ccess Mobile App

The Simplest Way to

Manage your Krungsri Funds

  • Access all Your Accounts with a Single Username

    Bring simplicity to your portfolio management by
    adding all unitholders numbers to one username. Or
    access accounts one-by-one with multiple usernames.

  • Easy Transaction

    Complete your transaction easily with subscription,
    redemption, switching of existing and new funds
    including IPO funds.

  • Gain & Loss Summary

    Get a quick view of your account and fund gains and
    losses, helping you manage your portfolio easier.

  • All Information in One Place

    Check fund info such as investment policy, historical
    NAV, past performance, prospectus, and relevant

  • Check out Our Latest News

    Stay tuned with our top fund updates, news, investment
    outlook, and promotions.

  • Schedule Your Transaction Easily

    Schedule your transactions or set a regular investment
    plan (weekly/monthly) so you won’t miss any
    investment opportunity.

  • Manage your LTF/RMF

    Check your yearly subscriptions, LTF redeemable units,
    and download investment certificates for your tax

Krungsri @ccess Mobile App

The Simplest Way to Invest

Krungsri @ccess Mobile App The Simplest Way to Invest

Easy Access

Access all your unitholders
with only one application

Easy Transaction

Manage your transactions
24 hours a day

Easy Ways to Invest

Get closer to your goals with
Krungsri funds

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