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The member risk profile is intended to notify the member risk level acceptance.
It serves as a guide for the selection of an appropriate investment policy / plan.

Age or Investment period
1. When do you plan to retire? 7. Which of the following instruments have you ever invested in?

Financial Status
2. What is your current proportion of your monthly expenses comparing to your monthly income? 8. Which of the following best describes your investment attitude?

3. If you quit your job today, how long your current saving will cover your expenses? 9. What is your investment target?

4. What is your current proportion of your provident fund comparing to your total assets? 10. What is your expected annual return from investment in provident fund?

5. What is your source of medical expenses after retirement? For foreign investment, are you able to accept foreign exchange risks?

Your Investment Knowledge and Ability to Accept Risk
6.What types of investment instruments do you know?

For Official Use Only
Total Score
Able to accept FX Risks
Investment policy/plan guideline

Please sum all score from your answer and compare the result to the table below.

Total Score Acceptable Risk Level Ratio of investment on risky assets (Equity + Gold)
10-16 Low Equity and Gold <=10%
17-22 Relatively Low Equity and Gold <=30%
23-28 Moderate Equity and Gold <=50%
29-34 Relatively High Equity and Gold <=70%
35-40 High No investment Limit
Remark: Above is a guideline for your consideration of investment policy/ plan only, it does not guarantee that it will suit you completely. Please study other additional information.
Terms and conditions
1. I have acknowledged and accepted that I shall be responsible to review and make "Member Risk Profile" up-to-date in according to the period of time stated by the related regular or the management company, including any further changes.
2. Upon the expiry term of the member risk profile, unless the fund management company receives me new profile within the period stated by the fund management company, I agree and accept that my latest member risk profile shall be deemed to be the updated profile until the management company has received my new profile.
3. I hereby certify that I completed the member risk profile in its entirely by myself and have signed the form as evidence

Signed .................................................................
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